True Companion

People with ears that do not hear your cries;
Don’t try to comfort, but simply say ‘goodbye.’
People with eyes that do not see your suffering,
Puzzling over your pain, offering no comfort,
But sulfur words from their hearts that slumber;
Yet there is the Eye of God that sees with ease
And is pleased to hear and wipe away every tear;
There is the Companion not random in His love,
But constant, always respondent to despondency
And ever near to those who fear the dreary night;
He shines His light to dispel the blight of dark;
He is ever wakeful, faithful, and always graceful;
He is the Friend closer than mother or brother…

True Companion


One thought on “True Companion

  1. It is a great comfort to know that He is ever ready to listen, to care and to comfort. Thank you, for the needed reminder of the Listener, Redeemer and Friend.

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