In the War Here Waged

Fighting is fierce in the war that’s waged on earthen battlefield,
Shield clashing against shield, sword meets sword, and red blood
Fills the low valley, mixing meanly with grass so serenely green;
Shattered pieces of life lying ugly on the ground without sound;
Dying shards scattered unforgiving in the wind, no more to send;
Dust settles without any sound, sinews crawling round every bend;
But when at last these clouds so dark roll away,
And the smoke clears in breaking light of day;
When finally disappears the smog of despair,
The vapour of confusion dissolves in the air;
Then we will see with the eyes of our heart
That our pain and distress were only a part ~
Part of one battle, one skirmish just fought
In a war already won, the victory blood-bought!


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