Freely Flowing Stream

Stream flows from the Throne of Grace in pace with the apprehensions
Of humanity in calamity of sin and death; the breath of God blows
In the wind sending peace and tranquility through the flowers and trees,
With honey bees and over the restless seas, and the Spirit streams
Through dreams of peace and reconciliation amid humiliation of disgrace,
Where the grace of heaven appears to wipe away every tear and bear
Every burden of care, to weep as the mother weeps in keep of her child
So meek and mild in earthen wild, yet so softly comes the whisper
Crisp and clear to clear away all confusion and illusions of hell,
To silence the bell of death, and give growth in place of dearth
For the worth of the redeemed by blood and resurrected life to turn back
An enemy with scythe in hand, and now the wandering band is brought home
By nail-pierced hand; in pleasant valleys to roam by the stream of Life.

Note: This is a stream of consciousness poem


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