Waves Upon Waves Are Coming

No, the dresses made no difference, the makeup was no defense,
And the earrings not only pierced the ears but the soul as well,
And they fell into thinking their alternative way was the way
Of joy and gladness, but only sadness ensued, and now imbued
In pain they’ll come, wave upon wave, for solace under steeple
With people filled with love from above, but what will they find
As they wind their way into the sanctuary of the living God?
Fields of torment lay behind, they are battle weary and wary
Of pretended religion and sanctimonious smiles a mile wide,
And why not? Floods of immigrants breaking down the doors
In their war for sanity and healing, and this is what I see,
And for me it is only streams of living water to renew, refresh
And replenish the souls of these seekers come to find a savior;
And so God is sounding his trumpet, calling his people to fall
On their knees to prepare to repair suffering souls who seek
New ways and brighter days… Will the Church be prepared
To offer the Light of Christ, what only can cure their plight?


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