Voice of Love in the Garden of Soul

Me, yes me by the raging sea kept under Your cover
Like an unrestrained lover who hovers over me night and day,
And leads me down the way of peace with new lease on life,
An unsullied life of which I never dreamed, nourished
By cream of heaven and leavened with joy untold
That makes me so bold in the cold winter nights of earthen home;
For this is not my destiny, this mud from which we were formed
Ere we became deformed, but You mean me for more and have in store
Even now garlands and unseen jewels of the heart as I walk
And talk with You in the Garden of renewed soul, where we commune
In tune with angels while Father looks happily on companions
Entwined by the Spirit, who fills all in all, despite the Fall;
And ever I hear Your call my feet leap like deer in mere pleasure
For Your voice itself is an invaluable treasure, no measure
To its worth; it was Your loving voice that called me to rebirth.


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