Coming Age of Darkness

Overgrown grass,
Heaps of trash,
Cracked sidewalks,
Crumbling walls,
And the once-shining city falls.

Politicians bray,
Economists weigh,
Ministers pray,
While people play,
And the once-blessed nation strays.

New temples rise
In grander size,
Gilded prophets
Claim their prize,
And the Church lurches in painful cries.

Now is the summoning,
Great change is coming,
We hear the drumming
Of our own unbecoming
By divine hand to be a wandering band.

Gathering clouds,
Darkness shrouds,
Desolate crowds,
Fields unplowed,
But night will eventually give way to light.

This coming dark age is but another page
In the divine mystery of human history.

Pray and hold fast to faith!


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