Precious Morning Reminders

As I was praying and meditating this morning, a few simple but profound truths came to my mind as precious reminders from God, who whispered to my heart:

  1. You are my child, saved by my grace through my gift of faith, and filled with my Spirit. I am your Father, and so…
  2. You have nothing to fear. My perfect love casts out all fear, and fills you with My peace and joy … yes, beyond what the world can give, and even during times of trial and tribulation and uncertainty, which means…
  3. You can always be certain of Me. You can trust Me and rest in Me. Follow Me and I will never lead you astray… Just follow and obey, and do not fret about the future, because…
  4. As the old saying goes, you may not know what the future holds, but you know who holds the future, and this is absolutely true … and you know who holds you, too, which means…
  5. You are never alone, my child, because I am always with you and within you. Together we walk through the day that I have made, and I will not leave you nor forsake you. In fact…
  6. I have great plans for you, if only you will trust Me and not try to do things on your own, and make your own way. Trust Me, follow my lead, and believe in the dreams I have for you. Okay? Now…
  7. Share these precious reminders with your brothers and sisters in Christ, because someone out there needs to be reminded today, just like you! I love you … and I love them, too!

God bless you all!


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