Victory Out of Defeat: More in Store

Glory to the One who moves in mysterious ways through my days,
Penetrating the haze of lies that fly from unseen foes who throw
Fiery spears of burning sulphur from churning hearts of hatred —
Yes, these, the children of the damned, hate me so they bait me —
And I am struck by their blows, stuck to invisible walls and all
For their hellish shows, shield fallen, sword shattered and helmet
Smeared with blood as they jeer at their conquest till bright Light
Penetrates demonic hall to fright the dark away and hold dæmons
At bay, for this weak man shall not remain chained as sure, swift
Blade made for war cuts the iron and my fetters fall off; I am free
And at liberty once again by the One to whom the battle belongs,
And He puts a new song in my heart and bids me do my better part
As sword and shield are restored and comfort given by my Lord…
Just one skirmish this was for me … there are more in store…
More in store


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