Heart-Cry From Dry Places

This path I’ve travelled before, well-worn and I so torn;
There are temples round about, vacant and empty, forsaken;
And it is so dry, and try as I may I fall under heat of the day
Trying to find my way; but did You not find me, unbind me,
Release me from my fetters to see better times, hearing bells
Of heaven chime over defeated hell that’d punched a hole
In my soul and left me for dead in this bed of dry earth?
Oh, but I thirst as I wander and wonder at my new birth;
Where, oh where, are You leading dear Shepherd, and upon
What are You feeding me? I cannot see thru the winded dust
That blows all around, hiding the glow of Your presence,
Making a mockery show of my existence in persistence of
Something greater and better than I have ever known before,
Tossed and turned, blown and lost as I was before You came
To claim this lame and dying lamb, good Shepherd; are You
Still near and held so dear, and will You dispel these fears
That give way to so many tears? Oh, lead me to green pasture
So serene and beside still, cool waters so to drink my fill;
Be not deaf to my cry, and ne’er say ‘goodbye’ or I shall die,
But fly to my side and here abide, for this well-worn path
Is dry and leaves me torn with the afflictions I’ve borne;
Save me, Savior, and lead me to higher and richer ground
Where I may abound in Your love, mercy, and grace evermore!


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