Prayer to the Holy Spirit

Most holy Spirit, come to me, open my eyes to see,
Fill me ever fully to be all that You intend me to be,
And remind me that the victory cry does not come
From some far off place as I face bows and arrows
Of enemy foes; no, but ever reassure my trembling
Heart that the One, who came down to ascend again
To reclaim His crown, won the victory in the mystery
Of His death and resurrection for my own salvation
And exaltation in glory — this battle belongs to Him,
And the war already won — so now there is no need
For tears and fears; barriers have been torn down,
Enemies worn, though they continue fighting and
Biting at our heels to inject their hellish poison
In the hope we will reject the triumph our Savior
Gave us ages ago, written on the pages of history
Ever to be read in Truth and never tread under foot;
So come, holy Spirit, come my way this day and fill
All of me to overflowing that I may glow with fire
Of heaven that I may fight on through day and night
And inspire people round about to inquire and acquire
Truth and redemption, thru Jesus Christ, our only Lord.


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