One Rose in the Garden of Humanity

One Rose to pose not any threat, planted in the Garden of Humanity,
Surrounded by insanity, but beautiful nonetheless, we had to confess;
Stem standing tall and shimmering petals to impress even the most
Callous soul filled with malice; this one Rose chosen for cultivation
Without manipulation to spread its aroma throughout all the Garden
So thick with weeds and sticks and such sick undergrowth that beauty
Was hard provoked and nearly choked … but there was that one Rose
That weary souls chose to breath and admire in their dire straights
To satiate their hunger for something good and true neath brilliant
Skies of numinous blue…

Now it has been ages and many pages of history since that one Rose
Bloomed in the Garden of Humanity, but not without leaving behind
An unique kind of fragrance that lingers on along with promising
Flowerets that beget more beauty in their growing duty to Life
… and it all began with the one Rose; yes, that one majestic Rose


Note: First posted on Noblethemes by Jonathan Noble, also author of this blog.


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