There is Light

Many cry out for light in the black night of this world,
And so someone burns an impressive candle to give sight,
But the wax melts, the flame flickers and fades,
As the shades move in again to conquer the bright,
And the stark darkness rules once more with blight,
Till someone pours oil in a lamp to light to shine
In the night for a time, and many clamour and climb
To reach the bit of brightness lit by some good soul;
Ah! but the oil runs dry neath the starless night sky,
And it is thickly dark once again and people begin
To groan while trying to find their way, wondering
If there really is such an awesome creature as day,
And if so, how long must they belong to the night?
Many people have lit many matches down through the ages,
And the pages of history are filled with smoldering ashes;
Ah! but the Sun of Righteousness has already risen
With healing in His wings, revealing the everlasting
Light that cannot be overcome by the night of this world,
If only we have eyes to see the bright, everlasting dawn…
This is the Light that shines within, out and all about,
And never flickers or fades or retreats from the shades!
Yes! There is Light for those who cry out in the night…
There is the Light of Christ!
There is the Light of Christ!


Battle for Faith and Belief

Life in this world is a high cry for relief,
And a raging battle for faith and belief…

Does God hear us crying in our distress?
Do the Lord know all the pain we repress?
Does He see our aching hearts in every part?
And feel what we feel as we bow and kneel?

And is there the unheard voice by choice
Of heaven? Does our God refuse to listen
Underneath the glistening, blistering sun
As a day for another soul has just begun?

One scrambles in the brambles and briars
Of life rife with pain without gain of joy
Or peace and so she lays out her fleece
As an appeal for God to answer and heal

Is the very same God who bends an ear,
Hearing my sad weeping before sleeping,
Also meeting evil in the streets where
Destitute drunks and lonely prostitutes
Dream of breaking chains of horrid pain?

Does the Lord Almighty of creation recoil
When He hears angry shouts of turmoil?
When wars are fought and victory bought
With lovely young lives, can He be sought?
Is God in the midst of the raging storm?

God sees all, and surely recalls His mercy,
And by His right hand holds us lest we fall;
Tis the promise to all who call and believe
In the Sun who rose from repose of death
With healing in His wings; peace He brings.

Yes, life in this world is a high cry for relief,
An ongoing battle for any faith and belief…
But what is the answer for the very weary?
It is the Love of God who hung on Calvary!

Yes, He cares and daily shares in the calamity
Of our humanity in all of its pain and insanity;
And still He whispers, ‘You will walk miles
Of trials, but take heart! I’ve taken your part;
I have overcome not some, but all the world!’

He was despised and rejected by others, and a man of sorrows, intimately familiar with suffering; and like one from whom people hide their faces; and we despised him and did not value him. Surely he has borne our sufferings and carried our sorrows; yet we considered him stricken, and struck down by God, and afflicted. But he was wounded for our transgressions, and he was crushed for our iniquities, and the punishment that made us whole was upon him, and by his bruises we are healed. (Isaiah 53. 3-5 ISV)

For we do not have a high priest who is unable to sympathize with our weaknesses, but we have one who in every respect has been tested as we are, yet without sin. (Hebrews 4. 15 NRSV)

“I have said this to you, that in me you may have peace. In the world you have tribulation; but be of good cheer, I have overcome the world.” (John 16. 33 RSV)

Now, Live Now!

How long can this really last,
Living your life in the past?
Present moments fleet away,
But you’re in yesterday’s bay;
Can you wait ‘n bait the past
For some of it to come back?
Give yourself up ‘n now live!
Hear the Blessed One who says,
‘Behold, I make all things new!’

Anyone who is joined to Christ is a new being; the old is gone, the new has come.
(II Corinthians 5. 17 GNB)

Asking, Accusing, and the Answer

Does God tremble in fear when He hears the tough questions?
Does God hide rather than abide being harried and queried?
Does God recoil under the toil of humanity’s doubt and pride?
Does God shun all of what He has said and done under the sun?

Some point their bony fingers in accusation and condemnation
Of the God of heaven and earth, place of their birth, with mirth
In believing the Most High has placed Himself above every right
And wrong, above light and blight of evil just because He can…

Some say God made moral and immoral while being amoral,
Daring to violate His own code while staring all of humanity
In the face in defiance without reliance upon any explanation
For His commands and actions, and absolutely no reprimand

And so some say that God is a menace who ought to do penance,
That the Lord of heaven and earth is not worth our adoration
And the consecration of our lives, but rather our punishment
For the predicament we are in with darkness, death and sin!

But more than an impatient sigh just what reply does God offer?
Ah! the Almighty drew nigh to humanity in its horrid calamity,
And the Lord dared to offer Himself as an answer as He shared
In our flesh and blood, without apology, excuse or any abuse…

God dares to look at us from the cross across time and space –
Betrayed with a kiss – without dismay in display of bloody truth,
‘It’s not really me who should be hanging on this rugged tree;
You see, it is love from above that compels me to win over sin.’

God dares to look at us from an empty tomb devoid of gloom,
Victorious over dearth and death saying, ‘Here you should
Have been laid, but I paid the price for your wicked insolence,
Sacrificing innocence for guilt, majesty for malady … for you.’

So when someone dares point their finger at God,
They must finally linger in profusion of confusion:
This God allowed Himself to be accused and abused,
And with every right to judge was judged guilty
By the guilty, to win innocence by His innocence…

No, God does not run and hide from fools who drool with lies
That fly straight from the very pits of hell and dæmonic bells;
Risen and alive, the Lord abides in everlasting power and glory
And His true Answer to the cancer of humanity forever remains…
From everlasting to everlasting, ever unhidden and unchanged!

Out From Plato’s Cave

I was sitting there, fitting of chain tight,
staring, glaring at shadows on the wall,
Some short and some tall but all the same,
With other men and women, ten years or ten
Hundred; what does it matter when batter
Of life is to sit and stare at an otherwise
Bare cave wall with shadows that never fall.

Lo and behold! Someone told me I was free!
No more shackles tore at ankles and arms,
And there could be no harm in standing and
Looking round at where I’d been bound for
So long; where no one belongs and ne’er is
Sung sweet song; now I took careful steps,
With nothing to fret, no net set for trap.

Tis no joke; I was no longer yoked to other
Cave dwellers — brothers and sisters, and
Mothers and fathers — and so I explored,
And nothing bored in any new discovery in
Recovery of freedom I’d never known, seeing
What I’d never been shown: fires burning
On pyres for those who’d lived too long
Where they never belonged; now I could see
What better women and men we could be …

Something new, yet not new, caught my eye,
And I said ‘good-bye’ to cave and so began
Walking toward another light, much brighter,
Stalking the strange creatures who featured
Shadows on the far wall, and I heard an eerie
Call beyond the fiery pyres beckoning me
To respond to an opening that spawned
Brighter light in sight but out of the cave.

Knave I may have been, but how could I help
But crave such bright light, even in fright;
I knew no difference twixt the day and night;
I could only say a prayer and fight my way
To yawning of the cave, toward the dawning
Of new and strange radiance of luminescence,
Calling, but in such power to make me cower.

I reached the opening, stepped outside and
Quickly looked to hide, and no one in whom
To confide; blinding beauty of another world
Into which I’d just been hurled, and so good
As I stood there, bathing in the sun, which
Had only begun to shine on brand new day;
What could I do but stay; I’d found another
Way ~ inside the world, but outside the cave!

Then it struck me to tell my former company,
To pluck up the courage to go back to spread
Such grand news that all is not dead, that we
Might be fed in the land of the living under
Another brighter, mightier light that did more
Than eat corpses and beat shadows on the wall;
And so I turned back with no lack of conviction,
No friction in heart; I’d found the better part!

So did I descended again into the gloom and doom
To rouse my companions from their house of rock;
To led them to higher grounds and better sounds,
But … oh no! They shocked me as they locked
Up their hearts, bound their minds to the sound
Of my voice as if I were a raving lunatic craving
Another easy meal, if I could only peel them away
From the safety of the cave haven; craven fools!

And I could not find the words to unbind their
Souls, and free them from earthen bowl where
Surely they were dying without even trying to
Stand and walk; their talk was but a cheap heap
Of lies, but they didn’t realize the utter size
Of their fool’s pride; they would simply continue
To hide away in bay of dim-lit cave, and I … I
Only wanted to save, to save them from the cave.

ψ ψ ψ

Note: First published December 2015 on noblethemes, this poem is (obviously) based upon Plato’s Allegory of the Cave … but it does also, perhaps, contain an important picture-thought for those of the Christian faith.

150 Recast

Praise the Lord! Yes, praise the Lord!
Strike the chord and praise the Lord!
Praise him on earth, place of our birth;
Praise him above for all of his worth!
Praise him for all of his mighty deeds;
Praise him for meeting all of our needs!
Strum the guitar and beat many drums;
Blow the trumpet and show adoration!
Let the congregation sing and raise up
Hymns of praise and high exaltation!
Let every breath breathe praise to him;
Praise the Lord! Yes, praise the Lord!

Note: Inspired by Psalm 150

Victory on the Battlefield

He sat forlorn on the field,
His wounds remaining unhealed;
He thought the battle was lost,
And his soul was tempest tossed
As the Foe kept up the rage,
But he was blind, and no sage
Told him of the sacred page
That declared victory in the war
Already won by the life-rising
Of the Son … the Son who rose
With healing in His wings
Bringing salvation to believing
Soldiers just like him!