Pent-Up Prophet?

Like a volcano ready to erupt, inside of me like a raging sea;
Is this apprehension, anxiety, turmoil and tension?
Or is it something more, welling up from the core of my being?
What am I not seeing in these feelings? What am I not hearing?
It’s searing my soul; I’m churning and burning inside,
And I cannot abide this tidal wave any longer!
Perhaps if I were stronger, but does any of this mean I am weak?
No, there is something bottled up in my heart, tearing it apart,
Ready to burst forth, like the strong north wind,
With a sense of urgency in the face of some dire emergency…
Oh come now, Lord God, as I bow, bent low in spirit,
And show me what this is inside of me, for You know; You see!
Is this heaven-sent from Your tent of glory?
Perhaps some message, some Spirit story to tell?
Or is this all from hell? Oh, let Truth prevail!

But as I think of You, so faithful and true, I sense that all
Of this is numinous, not ruinous or poisonous, but glorious,
And I am no longer so tense; I now only ask for peace of release;
Blow this volcano and let the burning lava of Your Spirit flow!
Give me the words to speak, bold and meek,
And let me seek, find and bind myself to the work of Your work,
But let me no longer languish in anguish of spirit over-filled
With Your words and deeds ready to be spilled out and about
Throughout the community and country, continent and cosmos!
For You have laid claim to my life; therefore, let no blame
Fall on me from refusing Your call to proclaim Your holy Word
And acclaim Your wonderful, beautiful Name…
Only show me the way while the day is still today,
And teach me what to say, for I can no longer hold inside me
What it is You have given me; so let it be, Lord, let it be!
Release for all to hear and see! Release!

‘The Holy Spirit will teach you at that time what you should say.’
(Luke 12.12 ERV)

‘But the Helper will teach you everything and cause you to remember all that I told you. This Helper is the Holy Spirit that the Father will send in my name.’
(John 14.26 ERV)


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