The End of One Not the End of All

Yes, there is plenty of bad and sad, enough to make saints and angels weep,
But keep in mind who it is who said, ‘Be not afraid, nor led astray, and
Shake not in your bed, for I have overcome the world!’ So there are those
Who look at one withering rose and conclude that the whole garden is dying,
But they delude themselves; they apply to all what is only the case in part
And start a worrisome campaign that the end is near, instilling fear among
Those who should hear the King sing, ‘All power in heaven and on earth has
Been given to me, from shining stars to the rolling sea,’ and it is He who
Determines the destiny of the nations, which eventually fall, one and all,
But His kingdom, alive and very well in this world, will not only survive
But thrive! Ah, the crumbling of this one great nation has many quaking
And shaking, but this is, after all, but one station among many throughout
This earth, and where there is death, there is also rebirth — about which
There should be no doubt — so the end of this one kingdom may loom heavy
On the horizon, but this does not mean gloom and doom for all the peoples;
God is the fountain from whom all blessing flow; He is the One who raises
Up and lays low the nations, He who blows through all ages and the pages
Of history… America is, alas, but one story in the grander story of history.


Note: This is an important follow-up to my prophetic-type poem, “America and the Ringing Bells of Hell,” prompted by reading yet another article predicting the end of the world. Thus, without getting into eschatology, my viewpoint is very simple: The end of America does not necessarily mean the end of the whole world … anymore than the end of the Babylonian, Greek and Roman empires, and many nations we could name. No, “America and the Ringing Bells of Hell” is about one, and only one, nation. Period.¬†


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