Mine: An Adventure in Salvation

With fine wine, exquisitely brewed beer,
There were only tears, and more pills
To take while faking my way thru life
With unpaid bills, and fighting uphill,
Still no laughter after all of the fun
Neath the dying sun; heavy dark crept in
To begin taking hold of my stark cold life
So rife with pain, but I never really knew
Who You were ~ mystery ~ though I knew
Plenty of theology, philosophy, ontology,
Soteriology and whatnot, it brought me
No peace, no real lease on any pure truth,
And so I was sure my only deal was death,
But then came Your Breath… Out in my
Dry and desolate wilderness where You
Found me lying and dying; You boldly
Grabbed hold of me, snatched me from the
Jaws of Hell just as my death-bell rang,
And You sang me a new song, told me that
I now belong to You, carried me into Your
Fold and bundled me against the rigid cold,
And fed me, nourished me while You bled;
Twas then upon bed of rest I understood
That You’d always loved me, cared for me,
Craved me… Now can I say I know You
As You blow away all of the lies, turning
Night into day, in which Your light shines
Forever and I am forever Yours and You are


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