Asking, Accusing, and the Answer

Does God tremble in fear when He hears the tough questions?
Does God hide rather than abide being harried and queried?
Does God recoil under the toil of humanity’s doubt and pride?
Does God shun all of what He has said and done under the sun?

Some point their bony fingers in accusation and condemnation
Of the God of heaven and earth, place of their birth, with mirth
In believing the Most High has placed Himself above every right
And wrong, above light and blight of evil just because He can…

Some say God made moral and immoral while being amoral,
Daring to violate His own code while staring all of humanity
In the face in defiance without reliance upon any explanation
For His commands and actions, and absolutely no reprimand

And so some say that God is a menace who ought to do penance,
That the Lord of heaven and earth is not worth our adoration
And the consecration of our lives, but rather our punishment
For the predicament we are in with darkness, death and sin!

But more than an impatient sigh just what reply does God offer?
Ah! the Almighty drew nigh to humanity in its horrid calamity,
And the Lord dared to offer Himself as an answer as He shared
In our flesh and blood, without apology, excuse or any abuse…

God dares to look at us from the cross across time and space –
Betrayed with a kiss – without dismay in display of bloody truth,
‘It’s not really me who should be hanging on this rugged tree;
You see, it is love from above that compels me to win over sin.’

God dares to look at us from an empty tomb devoid of gloom,
Victorious over dearth and death saying, ‘Here you should
Have been laid, but I paid the price for your wicked insolence,
Sacrificing innocence for guilt, majesty for malady … for you.’

So when someone dares point their finger at God,
They must finally linger in profusion of confusion:
This God allowed Himself to be accused and abused,
And with every right to judge was judged guilty
By the guilty, to win innocence by His innocence…

No, God does not run and hide from fools who drool with lies
That fly straight from the very pits of hell and dæmonic bells;
Risen and alive, the Lord abides in everlasting power and glory
And His true Answer to the cancer of humanity forever remains…
From everlasting to everlasting, ever unhidden and unchanged!


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