There is Light

Many cry out for light in the black night of this world,
And so someone burns an impressive candle to give sight,
But the wax melts, the flame flickers and fades,
As the shades move in again to conquer the bright,
And the stark darkness rules once more with blight,
Till someone pours oil in a lamp to light to shine
In the night for a time, and many clamour and climb
To reach the bit of brightness lit by some good soul;
Ah! but the oil runs dry neath the starless night sky,
And it is thickly dark once again and people begin
To groan while trying to find their way, wondering
If there really is such an awesome creature as day,
And if so, how long must they belong to the night?
Many people have lit many matches down through the ages,
And the pages of history are filled with smoldering ashes;
Ah! but the Sun of Righteousness has already risen
With healing in His wings, revealing the everlasting
Light that cannot be overcome by the night of this world,
If only we have eyes to see the bright, everlasting dawn…
This is the Light that shines within, out and all about,
And never flickers or fades or retreats from the shades!
Yes! There is Light for those who cry out in the night…
There is the Light of Christ!
There is the Light of Christ!


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