Prayer for Pure Peace

“Peace! Peace!” we hear the loud cry of the crowd,
But we can’t make it and we surely cannot fake it,
Great God of glory. . .
Oh, please, blow away all confusion and despair,
All hurt and misunderstanding graciously repair,
Forgive us and right the wrongs we’ve committed,
And return to us the joy and peace we forfeited
Long ago, long ago. . .
Please grant us your wisdom to guide and direct,
And collect us together as children in one family
Under the canopy of your Love sent from above,
And cover us with your wings that we may sing
Of life and love and peace found in your one Son,
Our Lord and Savior, Jesus the Christ, Emmanuel


4 thoughts on “Prayer for Pure Peace

  1. well said, and written…true peace comes when we as humans in humility and grace, hold one another in honer above ourselves…When we follow God we give up our ‘right’ to be wronged…your heart I hear and it’s expressed so well…

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