No, you cannot break your neck
To heed the beck and call of all;
You can feed, clothe, love and care,
And dare to meet so many needs,
But you cannot fill the gaping hole
In someone’s soul, though you can
Give them a bowl of rice and slice
Of bread ‘n clean water as you care
For fathers, daughters, mothers
And sons . . . but you cannot carry
All of the world on your shoulders,
No matter how strong and broad;
You’re wrong for the job, lacking
In ability and personal stability;
There is only One with the capability
To carry such a cross, and so He did
Nearly two thousand years ago . . .
So do what you can, when, where
And how you can, here and now,
But please never make the mistake
Of resolutely making your work
And efforts absolutely necessary;
No, no . . . your work ~ our work ~
Is privileged cooperation . . .
Not salvation!


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