Psalm of Soul Confession

Sometimes I’m feeling bust
And it’s hard to trust;
Sometimes the pain is inflaming
And I’m gaining no ground;
Sometimes I’m confused by the turmoil
And it’s hard not to boil over . . .
Oh God! And when I’m attacked
How do I react?
Sometimes my heart melts inside
And there’s no one in whom to confide;
When I feel completely beaten down
It’s hard to think of the promised crown;
Sometimes I’m feeling so sick
And no trick will do;
Sometimes my faith feels so lame
And I’ve got no one to blame;
Sometimes I’m feeling so ashamed
And it’s hard to believe I’ve been claimed;
Sometimes my soul feels chained
And it’s hard to recall what I’ve gained . . .
Oh God! And when someone assaults
Whom do I fault?
Sometimes I’m losing my way
And it’s hard to see the day;
Sometimes I’m fighting to believe
And wonder will You relieve?
But Your steadfast love is sure
And Your promises pure;
On Your Rock, then, I lay me down;
I will not drown in the raging seas;
To You I cling for my salvation
In the battles that rage without cessation,
For the battle belongs to You
And so, too, the victory song!


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