Somehow: Life Worth Living

Somehow I can see your shining face full of grace
Beyond the stretch marks of pain and sadness
Etched on your eyes . . .
Somehow I can hear laughter beyond your sighs
And singing from high spirits bringing joy to others,
All sisters and brothers . . .
Somehow I can sense deep contentment in place
Of resentment in refreshment of your lovely soul
Free to stroll thru dreams . . .

As your burdens press your down,
And all of the cares of life distress,
Your path grows weary and long,
And you feel as if you don’t belong,
Please know you are not alone,
Though tossed ‘n turned and blown;
There is an Eye that sees, and One
To Whom your name is known!

Somehow I can now see victory in place of defeat
Beyond the battles you fight with foes you meet,
And you’re standing on your feet . . .

No, no, you are not alone, though harsh winds blow,
And the sun will rise again, his beautiful face to show
And you will know tis not time to quit but to grow;
No matter how low the valley now and slow the pace,
There is grace to go on, and love flows from above
To save you from the grave, for death is no answer,
But the Breath of Life into your own invaluable life!

Note: I did not realize until late yesterday (Saturday) that September 10th was/is Suicide Prevention Day. (And if I’m wrong about this, please excuse me.) However, this poem is written for all of the wonderfully unique and valuable individuals who face the horrid monster of suicidal ideation (thoughts, tendencies.) And you are unique and valuable! For more information, please take time to visit the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention or the Suicide Prevention Resource Center.


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