Pride: First War of the Cosmos

In unmatched arrogance, he thought too highly of his elegance,
And he took untold pride in eloquence that led to his defiance
And sedulous pursuit of the throne of God with haughty tone,
And he was not alone as thousands upon thousands of angels
Bowed before Lucifer and vowed their unshakable allegiance
In grievance against almighty God, giving credence to claims
Of the Angel of Light, who’d now become the blight of heaven;
And so war broke out and tore the celestial realms asunder,
But twas the Devil’s blunder to think that he could even blink
Apart from the Most High knowing of his supercilious showing;
And so was his downfall as mighty Michael sounded the call
To meet his brother in battle that shook the very foundations
Of the Cosmos, igniting a conflagration throughout the Universe,
But his doom was as sure as the intention of Michael was pure,
And so Lucifer and his host fell like lightening to earthen hold,
Where the Lord God had newly planted an enchanting Garden,
And as the Devil lay like a worm in dust, his eye spied one tree
And two forms walking and talking in this faultless Paradise —
And he smiled his vile smile . . . he smiled his vile smile . . .


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