Living in Christ-Confidence

In humility we will not stand for ourselves,
But this brand of false humility will have us
Keel over and kneel to shirts, ties and skirts;
Yes, this strand of ‘holy’ self-depreciation
Will have us loathing ourselves and clothing
Ourselves in sackcloth and ashes, bending
Our knee to everyone we see because here
There is also fear, and people sneer at us,
Talk down to us, too, and walk all over us
And we balk at the idea of any confidence
As if that would be defiance against God!
But while we may not be wild,
We are a child of the Lord God,
And we should be meek ‘n mild,
But surely not weak and defiled!
We do have the right to hold our heads high
Through each day and night, dark and light,
Without arrogance but certainly in elegance!
And sing boldly that we are heirs of the King,
And this should bring strength to our hearts
And fill the holes in our souls . . .
We are called to humility, not self-humiliation;
We are called to meekness, but not weakness;
We are called to respect, but not self-neglect;
God intends us to be all He has made us to be,
And that is surely more than an irritating flea!

Note: This poem was prompted by my previous blog-post,Noble Epistle to Dear Siblings in Christ.”


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