Light: United We Stand … As the People of God

Note: In response to the ongoing riots in Charlotte, North Carolina, as well as similar riots both recent and present (and to come.)

America! America! We wrestle not against flesh and blood
Yet red floods thru our streets from freshly wounded flesh;
Unseen principalities and powers of darkness tower above,
Pressing forward their nefarious agenda toward division,
Deconstruction and destruction as multitudes wail and rail
For anger more than cause, creating danger without pause
To reason with sense and sensibility, misusing their ability
To reason in an unsullied season of quietude, their attitude
Spawned dæmonically from hell, and the fateful bell tolls
Midnight in this once-free land where right is now wrong
And throngs of hate-filled persons take the bait of Lucifer;
People raise their fists and scream
Because they deem it necessary . . .
And dreams of liberty and justice are turned to nightmare;
Fear is the gear citizens wear as they tear at one another,
Consciences seared and no one hears the call of rationality
Much less peace, who has been beaten down ‘n eaten alive!
And the invisible wraiths thrive as they drive this insanity,
Heaping calamity upon calamity, all in sneering anonymity;
But the arm of God has not been shortened and no harm
Shall befall His kingdom as His people pray day after day,
So the strategy of the Enemy will not prevail
Because genuine praise and petitions avail . . .
God is calling people together in unity as one community,
To spread love and beauty in Truth as their divine duty,
And so the Adversary shall not claim victory
As the fame of the Christ spreads from heart to heart again!
This is the night, but the Light shines in the darkness
And the darkness has not and will not overcome!



5 thoughts on “Light: United We Stand … As the People of God

  1. Thank you Lord Jesus Christ for exposing all hidden darkness with your Light! Abba Father expose the hidden hand in the glove that is pushing for a race war, religious wars, civil wars, division between sexes, races, religions; creating the chaos, inciting riots, causing wars and terror to achieve their agenda for a one world order and one world religion. We the people do not consent! We the people come together to pray, turn to God, repent, forgive and receive God’s mercy, grace, goodness and glory. Amen.

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