Amazing God: Sing Alleluia!

O God, how can I begin to praise You and thank You enough?
For all of the blessings You have so graciously bestowed?
How can I sing to You fervently enough, genuinely enough?
You have saved me, even a wretch like me, and I thank You!
You are God
You are Lord
You are King
You are Savior
You are Creator
You are Life-Giver
You are Light
You are Life
You are Love
You are Peace
You are Truth
You are Abba Father, beloved Son, and all-holy Spirit;
Ever one God, world without end. Alleluia! Alleluia!
You, O God, reign eternally and there is none beside You!
What wonder, then, that You have thought of me,
That You have bought me and brought me into Your fold!
Amazing love, indeed! How can it be? Yet it is! Alleluia!
I love You, precious Lord; I love You and sing Alleluia!


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