Out of the Trash Heap

Harmless charms, cheap gems from the carnival of life
Clutched in my filthy hands and not to be sold for gold,
But why am I holding on to these cheap baubles
When in you my soul can reap so much more?

Oh why continue the pain of self-delusion in seclusion
When I can gain life as you wash away all my stains?

You love me with unbounded love found only in you,
Yet do I continue to play away the minutes of the day?
This time that chimes is time you’ve given, not mine!

Ah, Lord, I throw myself at your feet at the mercy seat!
And I give to you the beat of my heart and every part
Of my life so void of genuine life that comes from you!

No more persistence in vacuous existence!
Reach across the distance and touch me!
I lower resistance; change my consistence
In the insistence that I be
What you want me to be!

Oh! Make me more than I now am – it’s a sham –
Renew me, hold me, mold me and make me new!
Unbind my heart and mind, and free me to be . . .
To be and to know that I wholly belong to you!

All of my gifts and talents I lift up to you, O God,
Asking you to put them to some task for you,
And then I will bask in your glory
And tell the thrilling story of just
How you transformed your child
Into meek ‘n mild soldier-servant
No more running wild in his own defiled dreams!

Yes! Make me more than the sham I now am!
Renew me, hold and mold me; make me new
As I lift me up to you, God, so strong and true
. . . so strong ‘n true and where I truly belong!


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