Alone: The Insanity of Vanity

Sown are the seeds of pride that make you think you can make it on your own;
And so you stride with head held high stifling the sigh of your forlorn heart
Broken apart by the reality that you’re not the strong tree you’ve tried to be
And you can’t even agree within yourself much less three others in your circle;
Your life is but one journal of one mortal, infertile, like one kernel of sea-sand;
And you look around and deep inside know you’re bound for lonely damnation
All because you refuse to bend your knee and bow your head beside your bed,
So you stand tall ‘n grand while shaking and quaking trying to keep your stride,
But you cannot hide your condition and position in life from the all-seeing Eye;
No! You are weak and, like everyone, need to seek help from the only Helper …
Sometimes you can’ make it on your own … In fact, you can never make it alone!
Reach out and let the Spirit teach you to be meek and mild, to seek and be saved;
After all, your vanity is sheer insanity … Allow yourself to be bought and taught
By the only One who can purchase your life, rebirth you and give you new worth!


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