What audacity for you to question the authenticity
Of someone you do not even know! And what pity
As you show both your vanity and ignorance . . .
Someone offers you the message of life
And so you knife them in the back,
Exposing your own lack of wisdom!
And what of the tale told of One who cried and died
For you so very long ago so you could belong to God
Instead of darkness, sin, death, and devil?
Your very breath is foul with indiscretion!
Reject the Good News, if you will, and refuse the pew,
But dare not accuse the bearer of that Good News!
Think, instead, that the stranger cares how you fare
So much so that she was bold and told you
What you needed to hear, though it seared
Your overtaxed heart in each and every part;
Barring love is one matter,
Marring someone’s reputation is another altogether;
Lower your defenses ‘n stop making silly pretenses!
Someone loves you with genuine love from above . . .


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