Love & Serve: The Gift of You

No, not your gifts to lift me high,
Keep them all, great and small;
No not prophecy for me to see,
Only eyes to see you in sky so blue;
No, not flames of fiery tongues,
Only take away blame and shame;
No, not to be great in teaching,
Only searching ‘n reaching for you;
No, not great strength like Samson,
But an arm to keep me from harm;
No, not blessings from heaven
Only leaven me with the Giver
. . .
When I think of you, I quiver
And shiver inside to think
That you abide within me,
And so let it be ever and only you
That you give and thus shall I live,
And with you I will have all I need
And more: seed of every other gift
You have to give as I live this life;
Ah! Come to me so affectionately,
Personally, intimately, so closely
And ne’er depart from my heart,
And I will then have more than
Anyone could deserve, and I will
Love and Serve
Love and Serve
Love and Serve


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