Confusion on the Threshold of Victory

Doubt and fear assail the soul,
‘There is no God,’ the battle cry;
You shake in terror, nearly fall,
Forlorn, nearly swallow the lie,
And face down begin to crawl,
Wanting more than ever away to fly

‘Where is this Lord,’ the scream,
These voices inside your head;
‘It’s all a lie, a weak man’s dream;
Why trust what a stranger said?
What rubbish and just a crutch,
Be done with it and finally free!’

Comes now the whisper touch,
Gentle hands no eye can see;
‘Will love be lost, hope be gone,
And your faith without a fight;
With the victory already won,
And light has swallowed night?’

Note: Except for the last two lines of first stanza, this poem was originally written in 2012 and published in the booklet, ‘Stumbling Along the Road of Redemption.’


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