Haunted by Homelessness

Haunted by homelessness along with the voices
Telling him that loneliness is the best of choices,
He wonders how having no wealth
And losing his health is of the best?
Is this just another divine test with no place to rest?
Even the Christ said he had no place to lay his head;
Is to be without a roof or bed to identify with Jesus?
Perhaps it is best said this way so there is meaning
And some precious value to make the sacrifice true;
But there are many who wander these streets
Who are much fonder than this man has been;
Why should he sigh and cry over the lie
That he is being muted and persecuted?
And is it his business that the wicked are such ease?
That they taunt and tease him while dæmons haunt?
It is better to be the beggar than the wealthy wicked,
Especially when you have no choice or even a voice!
Ah! But so many scoff and tell him he’ll be better off,
And, of course, they know best from pleasant homes!
God! They could write a tome on the entire subject!
But this man greets the streets with fear and tears . . .


Darkened is the Way Ahead

Lord, the way ahead looks dim, the future grim,
And the day is clouded and shrouded in mystery,
And my heart heavy, like a levee about to break,
And I’m crying out to you, no longer lying down,
But now completely prostrate upon this ground
Begging to hear the sound of your strong voice,
So to make the right choice if choice I have now;
But life seems so stark and dark, and I am afraid,
And family and friends have turned their backs
For lack of common decency and fair goodwill,
Yet I hold them dear and ever so near my heart;
But what is my part now, Lord; what should I do?
What would you do? What am I able to do for you?
Now I cannot hold back the tears and all the fears!
. . .
Lord, the way ahead looks dim, the future grim,
And the day is clouded and shrouded in mystery . . .

Hypocrisy Masked in Friendship

‘I really feel for you more than anything’
But you’re not going to do a damn thing!

‘I sure wish there was something I could do, man’
Yes there is something – a lot, in fact – and you can!

‘Man, I just can’t believe this is happening to you’
And so this really should be your cue, if you only knew . . .

‘If I only had room I’d sure give you a place to stay’
And if you needed it I really would treat you this way!

‘You know I love you and I’ll definitely be praying’
So if you love me but you’re only going to pray,
What are you really saying?

‘Man, you know I’d do almost anything for you’
Then why the hell don’t you do the least of what you can do!

‘Everything’s gonna work out; it’ll all be okay’
So, you’re about God’s business now? But do you realize
That someone may be saying the same to you one day?

Take your well-meaning hypocrisy and feed it to someone hungry for finely laced lies!

Note: Inspired by the teachings of St. James the Great as contained in his Epistle, particularly:
‘If a brother or sister is poorly clothed and lacking in daily food, and one of you says to them, “Go in peace, be warmed and filled,” without giving them the things needed for the body, what good is that? So also faith by itself, if it does not have works, is dead.’ (James 2. 15-17, ESV)

Lord, How Do You Put Up With Me?

Oh, Lord, how is it you put up with my confusion
And my self-seclusion, and profusion of insanity
In fits of vanity, and effusion of mixed emotions,
Psycho-spiritual delusions, and grand illusions?
Yet you gently correct and with comfort redirect
And still love me all along the way, night and day;
And how do I repay you, but often cry in dismay?
And did you not pay the price for me to be free?
How is it, then, that I still wear my broken chains
In pain with shame and self-blame that I claim?
Can I not see the light of day and your good way?
Can I not stay by your side and ever there abide?
Oh, Lord God, you are so good and perfectly kind
As time and again you unbind me from my fetters
For better life in your glorious presence . . . again
Thank you, and praise be to your most holy name!

Unmerry Christmas from the Lonely

Unmerry Christmas from the Lonely

Listen and we won’t tarry long on your merry Christmas day;
We just wanted to remind you that this day of holiday cheer
Is often one of the most drear and lonely for the isolated souls,
Those with empty bowls and holes in their roofs . . .
If they have roofs, and this is proof of their poverty,
Not only in deprivation of material goods but in personal care
As they sit in an old chair somewhere out there – alone, lonely
Can you, will you hear their cry as you eat your Christmas pie?
Not to keep you long, we just wanted you to know that some
People feel like they don’t belong and, of course, they’re wrong
But how will they know unless you show them someone cares?
Now, merry Christmas to you and yours . . .
Just remember, please, what you’ve read!


No Real Christmas is Barren

No Christmas is ever barren when the real reason is starin’ you in the face;
Yes, the birth of Christ Jesus is the reason for the season in its completion;
We may hear of Yuletide cheer with frosty beer or fine wine for joyful feast,
But this is not wholly whole in the absence of the babe born in Bethlehem
So very long ago; this is simply something (or Someone) we cannot forgo!
So as we trade gifts, if we have such to give and receive, may we believe
That the greatest gift has already been given in and thru the living Christ,
And we dare not compare any other gift to this Gift of all gifts already given!
Merry Christmas!