Thrown Back Into the Face of God, Part II

Oh the love and mercy God extends from above to his children
Pilgrims ever weary in traveling the Way by night and by day;
He sends his Holy Spirit to guide and direct, to check and affect,
To comfort and counsel the wrecked, to uphold the triumphant;
Ah! the Spirit, the Spirit of God! And the flawed are over-awed,
But to turn away from green pastures and spurn living water,
And wander back into the wilderness with lack of all wisdom;
To despise where the Spirit has led by the One who for us bled
Is an insult to God in the shameful cult of self and will but result
In corrupt disgust as an affront to the Almighty, a rebel scream
Issued from the midnight dream of one caught by brightly lies;
To take what God has freely given so ideally and throw it back
Is like an attack on the Eternal One himself!
And you, you’ve just begun your rebellion!
God rescued you from drowning, crowning you with his mercy,
But now you’ve jumped right back into the black, watery night!
Jesus grabbed you before you went under,
Yet you’ve cut yourself asunder from him!
Now comes to you the cup of judgment full with pungent dross
To drink to the last dregs because you listened and you heard
But then flew like a bird with blurred vision back to the absurd!
You began to obey but then ran away for your own sad desires;
But almighty God is not for hire! You can’t conspire against him
And win with the serious spin of your most deleterious desires!
El Shaddai is not at your beck and call; you will most surely fall;
For the Everlasting One plays no games, and this is your shame:
You jest as if life were a tragi-comedy and in this test the Lord;
You run this way ‘n that as if God will run the run with you too;
And now you have placed yourself in a living hell
And the bell tolls midnight but there is no flight!
Still, cry out to God and weep and sigh and fly to his blessed feet;
Meet him once again at the very foot of the Cross bent to repent
Of your foolishness, and there you may find mercy,
And he may unbind you from self-inflicted misery;
It may be that the Lord will deign to help you again,
And then you will rediscover your resolve to recover lost ground,
Inch by inch, pound by pound, to hear again the sound of victory!
Ah! but are you too lost in devilish fantasy and tossed by emotion
Which causes so much commotion that you cannot hear reason?
Oh, has the season of salvation passed you by as you fly so low?

Note: Please also read Part I


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