This Battle is Not Over

Ah! My Adversary! You claim this victory o’er my name,
And try to cast me down in utter shame and self-blame;
You taunt me and haunt me with thoughts of tomorrow;
You fire your arrows in this bout causing me self-doubt,
Telling me I’ve been left without home, transportation;
Left in perfect prostration without a hope of restoration;
But you forget who is on my side and with whom I abide,
And God does not chide but stands right here beside me!
With all the power of the entire Cosmos
At His fingertips He will whip you back!
God does not lack in anything and, see, God cares for me,
Yes, even me, and He will restore me for everyone to see;
Even you cannot bar the Lord God from offering me a car;
You cannot stay His hand in circling me with angelic band;
You cannot keep Him from providing me a place to sleep;
God has immeasurably deep resources
And He loves me deeper still, you know!
So this fight is not over, and this man has not taken flight!
I cling to Christ my King, who clings to me and covers me!
And so I surmise that God and I will laugh at your demise!


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