Fighting Fierce Fear

Fear is powerful, towering over you leading to cowering,
Making you wonder what’ll happen in misshapen reality,
Flapping his black wings, laughing until life’s maddening,
Wrapping his talons round you, crushing your very soul;
Fear is like a dragon in passion, cracking your own spirit,
Spitting fire, making all look dire, tiring your very heart;
And he does not slacken his grip on your wearisome life;
Ah! But perfect Love cast out fear, and Love is ever near!
One Voice rings above the cacophony caused by raw fear
Saying, ‘I am always with you, every day along this way;’
And He who promises such is true
And that is much to be cherished!
So Fear may come knock; only lock your door with Love!
Lay claim to the Power that towers far above dark fear!


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