Lord, How Do You Put Up With Me?

Oh, Lord, how is it you put up with my confusion
And my self-seclusion, and profusion of insanity
In fits of vanity, and effusion of mixed emotions,
Psycho-spiritual delusions, and grand illusions?
Yet you gently correct and with comfort redirect
And still love me all along the way, night and day;
And how do I repay you, but often cry in dismay?
And did you not pay the price for me to be free?
How is it, then, that I still wear my broken chains
In pain with shame and self-blame that I claim?
Can I not see the light of day and your good way?
Can I not stay by your side and ever there abide?
Oh, Lord God, you are so good and perfectly kind
As time and again you unbind me from my fetters
For better life in your glorious presence . . . again
Thank you, and praise be to your most holy name!


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