Haunted by Homelessness

Haunted by homelessness along with the voices
Telling him that loneliness is the best of choices,
He wonders how having no wealth
And losing his health is of the best?
Is this just another divine test with no place to rest?
Even the Christ said he had no place to lay his head;
Is to be without a roof or bed to identify with Jesus?
Perhaps it is best said this way so there is meaning
And some precious value to make the sacrifice true;
But there are many who wander these streets
Who are much fonder than this man has been;
Why should he sigh and cry over the lie
That he is being muted and persecuted?
And is it his business that the wicked are such ease?
That they taunt and tease him while dæmons haunt?
It is better to be the beggar than the wealthy wicked,
Especially when you have no choice or even a voice!
Ah! But so many scoff and tell him he’ll be better off,
And, of course, they know best from pleasant homes!
God! They could write a tome on the entire subject!
But this man greets the streets with fear and tears . . .


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