Ministering to (and Even Counseling) Ministers . . . at Every Level

God has laid something on my heart — specifically as one who has been engaged in full-time, ordained ministry — and that is the idea/feeling/sense that individuals engaged in ministry oftentimes stand in need of not only ministry (to them) but even counseling. And I sense deeply that the Lord does call (and is calling) other individuals to step into the ministry of ministering to ministers, which would include counseling . . . But, of course, I am only one man and so my perspective is limited and naturally subjective; thus, the reason for this poll. PLEASE DO ME THE FAVOR OF ANSWERING THIS SIMPLE QUESTION:

Note: Your answers will be ANONYMOUS, so I will NOT know who answered how . . . or even who answered! SO PLEASE TAKE THE POLL! Thank you and God bless!


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