Tidal Wave Love and the Tree

Your love is like a tidal wave that saves me every time,
Every time numinous clock chimes midnight in my soul,
In my soul where I find a gaping hole but you are there,
You are there to bind up and repair, to fill up my cup,
My cup of salvation you gave me by your loving grace,
Loving grace undeserved, unexpected and unreserved,
Unreserved even for me to be all of what you see in me,
And what you see in me I cannot begin to fathom
As I perch in your tall and mighty, mothering tree,
Your tree of lavish fruit grown to suit all your children,
So many children safely nested in your strong branches,
Branches reaching out far and wide, and here I abide,
Here I abide as your love washes over me once again,
Once again like a tidal wave to save me . . . even me!


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