And Their Eyes Will Be Opened . . . One Day

I was meek and lowly and oh-so weak,
And you high in might and so very tight;
I was sick and left to lick my own wounds,
And you so healthy and wealthy and stern;
I was left to burn in the sun since life begun,
And you so coddled, given fine wine to drink;
I was dying while you were lying in soft bed,
And dread surrounded me while you slept;
I was kept from public eye, my cry muted,
But you did spy me from your high place;
Did you do anything to help me, though?
And did you know I was the King in disguise?
And now your eternal prize is taken from you
Because you missed your cue! Away from me!
To those who know me and show compassion
Does my Kingdom go; they are most welcome!


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