We Don’t Understand Each Other

Some of us sing loudly and proudly, dance and chance holy fire,
And others of us simply don’t understand and demand explanation,
An erudite theological explication of all of the sacred excitation,
But then some of us are silent, listening to God whisper in the wind,
And others who shout out and raise our hands don’t understand
And often don’t even try but simply sigh and shake our heads
Thinking those of us who are quiet are only stuck in stagnation
Without any recognition that divine magnification can come to us
Ever so gently and calmly as an healing balm for the tender soul,
Filling the hole that only God can fill … but serenely and tranquilly,
While some of us look in myriad books,
Studying to show ourselves approved,
Not being removed from the Lord of Life but drawn closer in mind
Freed from the bind of dæmonic lies and deception in reception
Of truth spelled out in ink on paper, our link to heavenly realms,
And those of us who don’t look in books simply do not understand,
And demand some spiritual explanation for this intellectualization,
And so we are divided by our expectations and the overt negation
Of anyone who approaches the Eternal One somewhat differently
Instead of putting aside what we expect in deference and respect
. . .
No, we don’t understand each other, and so we demand and deny,
Cry out against the ‘others’ instead of trying God’s love from above


Where Is Home? (Triple Haiku)

Where, oh where, is home?
I do wonder as I roam
While writing my tome

Is home here on earth,
This wondrous place of my birth?
Here I find no hearth

My home is with God,
Not anywhere on this sod,
But where I am awed!

A Pleading Song

Save me Lord,
Save me Lord,
Only you can save me, Lord

I walk along this lonesome road,
And I know the seeds I’ve sowed;
Oh! I regret the things I’ve done,
And I only want to see the sun

Shine on me,
Shine on me,
Shine on me, most gracious Lord

I’ve wept myself onto to my knees,
And I’ve held all life’s rusty keys;
Oh! I’ve been down dead-end ways,
And I only want some brighter days

Comfort me,
Comfort me,
Comfort me, O loving Lord

So now I come to you, King of kings,
And all my life to you I now bring;
Oh! Dear Lord, I so want to sing,
So for you I give up on everything

Abide with me,
Abide with me,
Abide with me, my precious Lord

O save me Lord,
O save me Lord,
Only you can save me, Lord
Only you can save me, Lord