Relief From Pain, Your Gain

You struggled for years with pain and tears
And fears that only pills would come near
To helping you cope with the terrible agony
Without alacrity and you were without hope
In the grand scope of life so rife with grief
With seemingly so little relief
Then the soft Breath breathed
Into you and so you were suddenly relieved
In answer to prayer, lifting a burden of care
From off your heart ‘n soul and in each part
Of your whole being and now you’re seeing
All of life differently, confidently ‘n joyously
And I am so happy for you too as others are
And now you sing beneath your bright star!
Alleluia! Alleluia! Alleluia!

Note: Inspired by one of my nieces, who struggled for years with severe headaches but testifies that she has now been miraculously given complete relief from all pain.


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