Prayer to the Living God

You’re untamed and wild and I but your child,
So I don’t say what I may want you to be to me,
For I’m not free to shake you and remake you;
I take you for who you are, my Morning Star,
Gratefully, not hatefully, ravished by your love,
Mindful you are far above me in your holiness,
And are blameless and shameless in all you do;
So, too, I worship you and praise you for being
Not only true but also Truth,
As well as Love and Beauty,
And it’s my duty and privilege to belong to you,
Eternal One, whom I’ve only just begun to love


As My Soul Cries

Starved for affection, but afraid of rejection,
I am pushing aside all of the terrible lies
And listening intently as my soul cries:
Everyone needs someone, don’t you know?
And someone even needs me . . . yeah, me!
Help me out of the desolation of isolation,
Lord, and take me and wholly remake me
Into the one I know you want me to be . . .
You didn’t create us to be alone and lonely;
Grandest transformation in sanctification!

Why the Crucifixion? An Explanation

When Jesus carried the cross of shame and blame, he carried me,
And when he was nailed to that tree, he was literally nailed to me,
Becoming one with me under bright sun and salvation had begun,
For in dying he took my death unto himself and died death for me
So that I could take his life unto myself and make it my very own
Thru his resurrection in which he put to death my death and lived
So that, being one with him, I can live beyond death by his breath
Of new and unending life, and this is why Christ endured the strife
And the blame and the shame of the crucifixion . . .
Not to assuage the wrath of some angry, blood-thirsty God, oh no!
That cross was an ultimate unity with humanity in the incarnation;
Yes, he carried me and was nailed to me, you see, not just my sins,
And if you can begin to understand this, then salvation takes on
An ultimately different hue: twas all about you and me, not just sin;
This is the explanation of the alleged complication of the crucifixion!

Prayer Sonnet to the Shepherd

Lo, though I walk this lonesome road, thou art with me
To protect me and take me in hand when I cannot see;
And are there not many choices to make along this way
Every day and night? But I lean upon thee, my only light
That outshines the very sun for thou art the font of light
And life, too, so that I have not to fear with thee so near,
Dear shepherd and savior whom I hear in soft whispers;
Ah! And do we not walk together and talk along the path
Thou hast laid out before me and ever so carefully? Yea!
And could I survive the journey without thee to revive?
Nay! Not for a day but I wouldst stay my forward march!
But now do I face another query that makest me weary,
For I know not how to answer, but only to turn to thee
To free me of this burden in humble submission to thee;
What wouldst thou have me to do? What answer to give
That I might live best the life thou hast given me to live?

Sunday Musings: An Answer to Religious Critics

You are for me all that I need for you to be,
And you are my bright and morning star,
But some cry ‘heresy!’ without any mercy
And without truly knowing you, O my God,
And they walk the sod of earth in judgment
Of what they do not understand
In demands of ‘correct’ theology,
Soteriology, hamartiology and Christology
And all of their ‘ologies’ without an apology
Like the Pharisees of ancient days and ways,
And judge books like The Shack and back
This condemnation by hand-picked citations
From sacred writ while misapprehending
Cross and tomb and bloom of resurrection
And what you mean by that sacred scene,
But you’re still to me all that I need you to be,
And you are my brightest and morning star,
Who casts off all mourning for me to dance
And prance like newborn fawn in your fields,
Which all yield an hundredfold of treasures
For my pleasure without limited measures,
And I thank you that you come to me
Just as I need to see you day by days
Without changing the nature of your ways
Precisely because you are who you are,
And no one can really mar your true image
In seeing you in and through purity of heart
In every part of their being ringing so truly
So . . . thank you, my fair Beloved! Thank you!

Pilgrimage Through Life

The mountains are high and the valleys low
And this road stretches long over and below
And the travel can be weary and days dreary
But the pilgrimage goes on with persistence
In an insistence to reach the end destination
Which will be the manifestation of beauty
After duty is performed and one is reformed
And conformed to bright light and new life
In the One who is Light and Life for all to see
And to be one within a union of communion
And so the song is sung along the long way
Throughout the days and nights of travelling
Thru mountains so high and the valleys low