Salvation: Come One and All

The intrinsic nature of God is light, life and love
So that God chose to send His Son from above
To become one with humanity in His identity
So that we might be united to Him in infinity,
And the desire of God is that all be redeemed
And no one be condemned for all of eternity;
Ah! This is an expression of His constitution
So that, though some might not be redeemed,
It is not His conviction to will condemnation;
Salvation is a door thrown wide open
On the floor of this darkened world
Into which we have all been hurled;
It is left to people to choose any given day whom
They shall believe and serve and receive ransom
From darkness, sin, death if they come to Christ;
God does not shut the door to any who comes,
Though some may not but He fought for salvation
For this world He so loves from heaven above!
And this is the Good News for everyone,
Not just some select few who do come!
God is love in His nature and exceedingly merciful,
Who invites everyone to drink from the river of life,
Ending their strife in uniting themselves to Him
By the power of His Spirit, through Jesus the Christ!
Amen and Amen.


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