Sunday Musings: An Answer to Religious Critics

You are for me all that I need for you to be,
And you are my bright and morning star,
But some cry ‘heresy!’ without any mercy
And without truly knowing you, O my God,
And they walk the sod of earth in judgment
Of what they do not understand
In demands of ‘correct’ theology,
Soteriology, hamartiology and Christology
And all of their ‘ologies’ without an apology
Like the Pharisees of ancient days and ways,
And judge books like The Shack and back
This condemnation by hand-picked citations
From sacred writ while misapprehending
Cross and tomb and bloom of resurrection
And what you mean by that sacred scene,
But you’re still to me all that I need you to be,
And you are my brightest and morning star,
Who casts off all mourning for me to dance
And prance like newborn fawn in your fields,
Which all yield an hundredfold of treasures
For my pleasure without limited measures,
And I thank you that you come to me
Just as I need to see you day by days
Without changing the nature of your ways
Precisely because you are who you are,
And no one can really mar your true image
In seeing you in and through purity of heart
In every part of their being ringing so truly
So . . . thank you, my fair Beloved! Thank you!


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