Prayer Sonnet to the Shepherd

Lo, though I walk this lonesome road, thou art with me
To protect me and take me in hand when I cannot see;
And are there not many choices to make along this way
Every day and night? But I lean upon thee, my only light
That outshines the very sun for thou art the font of light
And life, too, so that I have not to fear with thee so near,
Dear shepherd and savior whom I hear in soft whispers;
Ah! And do we not walk together and talk along the path
Thou hast laid out before me and ever so carefully? Yea!
And could I survive the journey without thee to revive?
Nay! Not for a day but I wouldst stay my forward march!
But now do I face another query that makest me weary,
For I know not how to answer, but only to turn to thee
To free me of this burden in humble submission to thee;
What wouldst thou have me to do? What answer to give
That I might live best the life thou hast given me to live?


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