Why the Crucifixion? An Explanation

When Jesus carried the cross of shame and blame, he carried me,
And when he was nailed to that tree, he was literally nailed to me,
Becoming one with me under bright sun and salvation had begun,
For in dying he took my death unto himself and died death for me
So that I could take his life unto myself and make it my very own
Thru his resurrection in which he put to death my death and lived
So that, being one with him, I can live beyond death by his breath
Of new and unending life, and this is why Christ endured the strife
And the blame and the shame of the crucifixion . . .
Not to assuage the wrath of some angry, blood-thirsty God, oh no!
That cross was an ultimate unity with humanity in the incarnation;
Yes, he carried me and was nailed to me, you see, not just my sins,
And if you can begin to understand this, then salvation takes on
An ultimately different hue: twas all about you and me, not just sin;
This is the explanation of the alleged complication of the crucifixion!


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