By Your Hand of Love

And can I possibly know which way to go along this path of life?
Ah, my Beloved, it is only by your guiding hand and band of love
That I find my way from day to day without going astray,
And so I say, ‘Speak to me so I can see and be so content,’
For I am not bent on doing what I want to do, going on my own,
And drowning in my desires; no! I want the higher path in you,
For you are ever so true and your compassion is new every day,
And you stay with me and keep me from moment to moment . . .
So, can I possibly know which way to go along this path of life?
Ah, my Beloved, it is only by your guiding hand and band of love!


Hope Revived

Out from the doldrums of ordinary life joy springs
And brings hope to reign in the heart, not in vain,
Quieting the pain of melancholy with the promise
Of gain of love come from above into my own soul
Where there’s been an open hole to be filled now
By union in communion with another sweet soul,
And this man is happy that God has filled his bowl

Would I Dare Question?

Would I dare to question you when you have been so true?
When my heart was askew you blew through with passion
And genuine compassion in lieu of fathomable frustration;
And you broke the incrustation of my soul with formation
Of love and creation of peace that welled up into an elation
Hitherto unknown to me so I could see just how you cared
For me and how urgently you wanted me as your very own
With seeds of communion sown deeply
In each and every part of my own heart,
So that now how can I doubt you and you intentions for me?
Let it, then, be that I forever see your infinite love for me . . .
Would I dare to question you when you have been so true?

Walking in an Icon of Eden

The birds happily sing their morning song as glistening dew gilds the fresh green of spring. There is an early hush in the fresh air that fills my lungs as I quietly meander down the trail of nature with my own song in my heart. This is part of simply being — that is, simply to be without thinking of becoming — and this inspires a lilt in my steps.

I am part of something much larger, much grander than I could ever be in and of myself. And my soul is filled with the sensation of my Creator, in whom I live and move and have my being. We are brought close as heaven descends to touch the earth once again, and the two worlds are for a brief moment merged into one.

My thoughts flow as freely as the mountain brook, and they are good, lovely and noble. There is no room here for despondency as numinous joy fills the very atmosphere. And I would like to stay here forever, enjoying this divinely human experience, but there is the ordinary world to which I must return, yet I will return again with this memory sealed upon my heart.

These snapshot moments in life are freely given as gifts simply to be enjoyed and appreciated, and so I smile . . . I smile, for surely there will be another such morning adorning my life, and I am grateful. And it is this gratitude that will carry me along the way throughout the day. For now, I allow myself to simply be . . . to be with my Beloved in this one icon of Eden. And this is more than enough to satiate the hunger of my soul.

Prayer Sonnet to the Shepherd

Lo, though I walk this lonesome road, thou art with me
To protect me and take me in hand when I cannot see;
And are there not many choices to make along this way
Every day and night? But I lean upon thee, my only light
That outshines the very sun for thou art the font of light
And life, too, so that I have not to fear with thee so near,
Dear shepherd and savior whom I hear in soft whispers;
Ah! And do we not walk together and talk along the path
Thou hast laid out before me and ever so carefully? Yea!
And could I survive the journey without thee to revive?
Nay! Not for a day but I wouldst stay my forward march!
But now do I face another query that makest me weary,
For I know not how to answer, but only to turn to thee
To free me of this burden in humble submission to thee;
What wouldst thou have me to do? What answer to give
That I might live best the life thou hast given me to live?

Pilgrimage Through Life

The mountains are high and the valleys low
And this road stretches long over and below
And the travel can be weary and days dreary
But the pilgrimage goes on with persistence
In an insistence to reach the end destination
Which will be the manifestation of beauty
After duty is performed and one is reformed
And conformed to bright light and new life
In the One who is Light and Life for all to see
And to be one within a union of communion
And so the song is sung along the long way
Throughout the days and nights of travelling
Thru mountains so high and the valleys low