Walking in an Icon of Eden

The birds happily sing their morning song as glistening dew gilds the fresh green of spring. There is an early hush in the fresh air that fills my lungs as I quietly meander down the trail of nature with my own song in my heart. This is part of simply being — that is, simply to be without thinking of becoming — and this inspires a lilt in my steps.

I am part of something much larger, much grander than I could ever be in and of myself. And my soul is filled with the sensation of my Creator, in whom I live and move and have my being. We are brought close as heaven descends to touch the earth once again, and the two worlds are for a brief moment merged into one.

My thoughts flow as freely as the mountain brook, and they are good, lovely and noble. There is no room here for despondency as numinous joy fills the very atmosphere. And I would like to stay here forever, enjoying this divinely human experience, but there is the ordinary world to which I must return, yet I will return again with this memory sealed upon my heart.

These snapshot moments in life are freely given as gifts simply to be enjoyed and appreciated, and so I smile . . . I smile, for surely there will be another such morning adorning my life, and I am grateful. And it is this gratitude that will carry me along the way throughout the day. For now, I allow myself to simply be . . . to be with my Beloved in this one icon of Eden. And this is more than enough to satiate the hunger of my soul.