Brand New Story (Triple Haiku)

Ash of destruction
Glorious exaltation
There is redemption

Lord Christ in glory
Another brand new story
New territory

A fresh tale to tell
And ringing heavenly bell
Put to flight all hell


When I Said ‘Fear Not’

When I said, ‘Fear not,’ to you that is what I meant
But you seem hell-bent on scurrying and worrying
Why? Can any force or power defy what I ratify?
Do I not satisfy you with good from my very self?
Of what, then, do you have to be afraid, my child?
Be meek and mild in my open arms, not a wild ass!
Why so frozen with fear when I am always so near?
Yes, when I said, ‘Fear not,’ that’s just what I meant!

Punishing the Innocent for the Guilty

Oh tell me, if you will how in the hell you are helping yourself
When you punish the innocent for the sake of the guilty one?
Or have you begun to realize your mistake in taking this path?
Unrepentance, essence of wickedness, menace to godliness . . .
You reopened your door and let all of it walk across the floor!
Do you remember dedicating your home to God,
Where evil would no longer be allowed to roam?
But the poor and chaste you kicked out the door,
And the score went to the devil, who just laughed all the more;
Do you not realize that God cares for his poor, helpless children?
Are you not wise enough
To apprise this situation
Made by your abjuration?
There is no cessation in how the Shepherd cares for his sheep!
He laid down his life and paid the price so they might have life;
Do you not think he will avenge his love in the blink of an eye?
Now your ‘home’ feels cold and unfilled,
Unfolded from hands and bold presence;
Yes, it is like walking into emptiness, unfriendliness, deadliness;
Except for the spirit of resistance and persistence in oppression,
So many spirits unholy haunting and taunting as if in a cemetery;
Oh, the pain of the change is enough to disarrange and derange!
Such divine anger is danger uncovered
And cutting in absence of his presence!
Fear is creeping in so near, though so surreptitiously, viciously;
You may not notice quite yet but you can bet he is here now, too!
And all of this because you punished the innocent for the guilty,
‘And his blood cries out from the ground’ is the sound to God!

Turning Around on Unsolid Ground (Triple Haiku)

You turned all around
So now you are nightmare bound
With mind so unsound

You promised the Lord
To fight with sharp unsheathed sword
Now broken your word

Darkness now descends
And there is no help to send
You’ve chosen your end

But repent and the Lord will relent
As he is always bent on saving you!


Fighting Fierce Fear

Fear is powerful, towering over you leading to cowering,
Making you wonder what’ll happen in misshapen reality,
Flapping his black wings, laughing until life’s maddening,
Wrapping his talons round you, crushing your very soul;
Fear is like a dragon in passion, cracking your own spirit,
Spitting fire, making all look dire, tiring your very heart;
And he does not slacken his grip on your wearisome life;
Ah! But perfect Love cast out fear, and Love is ever near!
One Voice rings above the cacophony caused by raw fear
Saying, ‘I am always with you, every day along this way;’
And He who promises such is true
And that is much to be cherished!
So Fear may come knock; only lock your door with Love!
Lay claim to the Power that towers far above dark fear!