Thrown Back Into the Face of God

The Holy Spirit woke you in the night by the power of his might,
And broke the seal to reveal to you truth you didn’t know before
Because it didn’t show, but by glow of the screen covered scene
Became clear and the horror of it closed near to your own heart
And it tore you apart, but you cried out to God for his collection
Of wisdom, guidance and direction . . . and the Lord showed you;
You knew you couldn’t abide by the side of poison and infidelity,
And perversity and obstinacy, intransigence and unrepentance;
You heard the word of the reprobate, how you were unbearable,
How you were to blame for his own shame with no repentance;
In the midst of collision with evil and derision of the Adversary
You made your decision in prayerful submission to God’s lead,
Paying heed to the influence of the Holy Spirit in the confluence
Of truth revealed and reality that couldn’t be met with banality;
And afterward you solidly prayed and paid the sacrificial price
Of obedience, asking God for continued strengthening to stand
Against the band of dæmons ranged against you and enraged;
In supplication and dedication you resolved to stand by truth
And not waver in favor of emotions causing such a commotion;
You made your resolution as the difficult but necessary solution;
You would not grant absolution to a man of ingrained pollution,
Knowing what had to be done . . . but the sun rose one morning
And seemed to burn away your resolve and to turn you away
From all that God had confirmed and from all he affirmed in you,
From all that God revealed to be his will . . . all to grasp him back;
Then you began making excuses, taking no counsel from people
Who love our God and you, too; you threw wisdom into the wind,
And decided to spend time with such unapologetic evil unhealed,
And against better judgment and your very own commitment . . .
Oh! What’ve you done so soon after you had begun to truly fight?
And the battle rages as you turn the pages and you’ll only burn
As you churn in bed with all that was seen and said in your head;
And what will God do now? Will he save you for being a knave?
When you have taken all God has given and thrown it in his face,
Will he keep pace with you any longer,
Or gift you to the devil to shake ‘n sift?
You are now so bold in completely defying what our God told you;
Meanwhile the Enemy is laughing from his strong tower of power
In your home, which is not a home, and you’ll suffer with no buffer
. . . while the Lord wipes his face and washes his hands of this case!


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